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‘Little Dartmouth Pine II’ – Gelliplate Monoprints & Acrylic, 100cm x 71cm, £800


‘Little Dartmouth Pine II’ is a mixed media print of one of the gorgeous Pines heading West from Little Dartmouth Farm, just up from the South West Coast Path.

This is the second of at least three local Pines I’m creating, which in turn become one of the 250+ Prints which make up the current Tree Portraits series.

Work in progress – some Hedge work already done on the base prints – the finished, cut Stencil for the main body of the Tree is overlayed here

This Print was achieved with 95%ish all Gelli Arts – Gel Printing Plate Monoprints, with minor Acrylic embellishments towards the end. Accurate registration here was achieved by using marker pen on the reverse of the Plates when positioned on the Print, prior to working on & printing details for each section.

The main ‘skeleton’ of the Tree was done using a handcut stencil, which pretty much took up half of the work!

Gif of the stencil reveal for the main area of the Tree

Print Sold Out!

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 0.1 × 71 × 100 cm


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