The Monoprints – 2019

Cactus, Monoprint, 20cm x 25cm, £30
Cactus, Monoprint, 20cm x 25cm, £30


Much as I liked making my 2014-18 Silkscreens, there were several drawbacks inherent in the manner they were created. Being photo-based, compositionally complex and multi-layered, they were technically long-winded, and it would take months to complete a small edition to my liking!

I then needed to find immediacy & energy in the way I presently felt about my subject matter; there was so much to record, get down & experiment with, & I felt that staying within Print was the best way to keep a stylistic thread & also keep a drive & level of engagement and excitement that only I (the Printmaker!) can feel in his Medium.


I wandered across Gelliplates quite by accident at the start of that year & instantly found a superb way of translating the ideas down the moment they came to mind – they a ridiculously easy to work with & allow for a huge range of experimentation. They are somewhat marketed towards the children’s market, & quite rightly…they enable a playful freedom.

I found myself doing 5-6 prints a day with ease, & nearly all were worthy of the folio & sharing. The flexibility of working like this without a Press allowed me to Print in situ whilst away in the USA & Portugal, & gave an immediacy to observing the landscape around me.

'Marjoram', sketchbook monoprint, 20cm x 25cm, £30
‘Marjoram’, sketchbook monoprint, 20cm x 25cm, £30


These quickly evolved from a simple engagement with the physical landscape to deeper conversations about Man’s place in Nature, & how he has forgotten to connect & truly engage with It.

This leads on nicely to The Tree Portraits series, which started in early 2020.

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