Stewart with 'The Tree Portraits I'

                                                   Stewart with ‘The Tree Portraits I’

Do feel free to drop me a message for further inquiries about my Work, possible Collaborations, Publications or Exhibitions, & for any interest in Purchasing my Work.

I’m presently in the process of preparing my WooCommerce Shop, which is scheduled for launch on 1st March 2021!

In the meantime if you want to purchase anything here available for Sale, upon Agreement I will Invoice you via e-mail ASAP & then arrange for immediate Next Day Guaranteed Delivery inside the UK for £10 (additional to the unframed Prices for any given Print.). All Prints under A2 sized will be flatpacked with full protection with Acid Free Tissue & Biodegradable Polywrap. Larger Prints will be Transported in Cardboard Tubes, again with Acid Free Tissue, & Biodegradable Polywrap.

Thanks for visiting!


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