Stewart with 'The Tree Portraits I'

                                                   Stewart with ‘The Tree Portraits I’

Please feel free to drop me a message for further inquiries about my Work, possible Collaborations, Publications or Exhibitions, & for further queries about Purchasing my Work.

I’m also available to do Commissions, particularly around my current Tree Portraits series – so if you would like to have a Tree, or a group of Trees immortalised, please do get in touch.

I’ve now completed my WooCommerce Shop, which was launched in March 2021.

Additional Products on the site but not on the Shop Page can be requested & Invoiced separately, or if you’d like to see my full Print Inventory (spanning 27 years!) please feel free to Contact me & I will give you access to this list.

Thanks for visiting, and do let me know what you think about my Work & this Website.


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