The Trip to Spain

Jardin de Mota, Mokulito, 2017

Jardin de Mota, Mokulito, 2017. £400, drawing from the Castle at Alcala

In April I visited my former Tutor, Dear friend & guru, Pete Nevin (Pedro) & his wonderful Wife, Lottie.

whilst this was primarily a chance to catch up with them socially and enjoy the peace of the Region, it was also an opportunity to reconnect with drawing – the joy of engaging with tangible objects & the Environment, and to feel free with mark making. This also then transferred to experimenting with the previously untried process of Plywood Lithography, or Mokulito as it is known in Japan, also utitlising Pedro’s new custom made Relief Press, which had recently been driven, & winched over into the Studio at their magnificent residence in Alcala La Real. The results were fascinating & moved me to place them without hesitation as part of my Portfolio offering at May’s Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead.
Drawing in the Garden of le Mota, Alcala