Stump #115, Monoprint, 36cm x 30cm


Stump #115 is a Gelliplate Monoprint on Daley Rowney Heavyweight Cartridge 220 gsm

This is from an ongoing series of over 200 Monoprints called the Tree Portraits, completed in early Summer, during more verdant times…even though this one is particularly Dark!

London’s Pollarded Street Trees (predominantly Lime & Plane, chosen for their resilience to pollution) have recently become something of a multi-valent representation of so many things we do/don’t know about Ecology to me; & Nature’s Real place in our world.​

Their appearance defines an ongoing relationship with Man; indeed, many of them have a cartoon human appearance, with distinct heads, arms & bodies; and because of this back & forth, dynamic process of growth & removal over time the Trees seem to dance in a particular direction, as they struggle (vainly) to grow bigger, both outwards & upwards. They seem to me like huge Bonsai.​

Stump #115 viewed from the bottom left corner, with a pencil atop to give scale

Stump #115 viewed from the bottom left corner, with a pencil atop to give scale

There are wonderful areas where growth & weight make the Trees bulge & the bark appears more like a liquid, flowing down around the younger pollarded areas with gravity. This can only really be appreciated from the base, looking straight up.​

This gets more interesting to me regarding the process of printing them, & the subject, the longer I do them.​

There’s a certain rhythm to doing these in such volume – I’ve tried to represent every tree in my surrounding Streets – the repetition of shapes, forms, movement & texture reminds me of a cruder form of Chinese Sung painting, where Artists would spend years representing birds, flowers & landscapes thousands of times until the process takes over & it metamorphosises, & almost becomes something else.

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 30 × 0.1 × 36 cm


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