‘Dartmoor (Combestone Tor IV)’  Monoprint Sketch, 32cm x 24cm


‘Dartmoor (Combestone Tor IV)’
Monoprint Sketch, 32cm x 24cm on Bristol Clairefontaine cartridge

I’ve just done some further Mono sketches this week, mainly derived from a Combestone Tor/Dartmoor visit & some other local fave scenes…
partly to replace Sold items, but also to warm up for some new Trees as I aim to reach the 300 mark before Xmas!
I went fast and painterly here…not my standard output, but it’s good to experiment with a few more rolling techniques & spatula marks

‘Dartmoor (Combestone Tor IV)’ on the Gelliplate prior to printing

grazing/browsing levels these days on the Moor are being kept to a minimum (due to stewardship agreements between National Parks & 29 local Farmers), and biodiversity is increasing as a result in these habitats, and its Wetlands & Bogs are being restored carbon capture.
All of this, in turn, enables the moor to capture more moisture and lessen bad run-off into the Dart.
The Moor is now a stronghold for both the Marsh Fritillary & the High Brown Fritillary, 2 of our rarest butterflies in the UK

‘Dartmoor (Combestone Tor IV)’, with pencil for scale


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