Fall'd Flabingo, Silkscreen, 2015 - £130 uf, edition of 20, only 3 remaining. Exhibited at RA Summer Show 2018

Fall’d Flabingo came about partly from an extremely unflattering photo of me flailing around on my back in the tide (whereby my legs were compared to that of a Flamingo), whereby I created a human/flamingo hybrid. Visually inspired partly by Wojnarowicz’s infamous photographic print of a Buffalo Jump (in response to the AIDs crisis of the time), I then superimposed these mutants over a photostencil from an image I took in the Andes a fews years ago.
my final Witness to the Fall of Man/Manbird is an overly humanised Monkey.

Fall’d Flabingo was on show at the 2018 RA Summer Show

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