Pondlife, Photoetching 1999

Pondlife, Photoetching 1999 – 73″ x 32″£1200. first attempt at a highly scaled up tryptich format. photos of London skyline taken from Telegraph Hill Park

Cork III, Photoetching, 1998

Cork III, Photoetching, 1998 Photos taken in the countryside around Skibbereen during my time at the Arts Centre

Combining a growing confidence in Photoetching & a full embracing of Subject matter,
my Graduate Work reflected deeply on the passing of my Father using site specific Photography, borrowed texts & musical score fixed within Triptych layout to purvey a filmic passage of time.

Once I returned to printmaking several years later I explored further musings on the passage of time
& started to reflect on wider human behaviour, our place in the Environment & more personal elements
with regard to my confidence or otherwise in the World…

I started to really trust myself as a Artist following a Residency in Cork in 1998, which allowed me to devote the necessary time to my continued learning & Output. From here the both the Scale and content began to evolve…


2017-06-03 16.08.522017-06-03 16.16.38Pondlife, Photoetching, panel 3 1999

Relic 19998

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