• the Print is derived from a photo of my dear friend & former Art Tutor, Pete, taken on Sanur Beach during my time in Bali. he was deep in reflection at the time & I wanted to capture a sense of brooding, worry & capture a sense of our transience in this world, but also that of love
  • the print germinated from a photo taken after a night hike up Mount Merapi in Indonesia/Yogyakarta - the Guide was texting on his phone to confirm to 'base' that we'd topped out, as he always would do. The juxtaposition of someone using a mobile as normalcy whilst in the most ridiculously wondrous, beautiful & primitive environment struck a real chord with me
  • this Print was inspired by the outrageous statement by Donald Trump that numerous parts of the UK had become No Go Zones because of Muslims. my response was to metaphorically place Trump in the now derelict Leigh Road Sports Ground (next to the North Circular motorway in East London) at the point of being beheaded (by Me, I'm wearing a Niqab btw...) with a large spoon.
  • Fall'd Flabingo, Silkscreen, 2015 - £130 uf, edition of 20, only 3 remaining. Exhibited at RA Summer Show 2018
  • The Artist at the Affordable Art Fair , Hampstead
Above are the original elements, photographs & ephemera that made up 'Alcala', the winner of the 2018 National Original Print Exhibition 2018. Alcala was based on two photos taken in Alcala la Real in Spain of a beautiful scrub, Spring Flower and a rustic & slightly ominous looking Chimney. The other main imported image (at the bottom of the Print is derived from a Scan of a dead viper found on a nearby Road. these were accompanied by silhouettes of plants from my garden in London. whilst Andalucía is sometimes stunning the monoculture of Olive groves, increasingly extreme Climate & battered buildings (& Economy) often give the feeling of a Dying Landscape which is in its last throes

©Stewart Taylor 2021

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